The Scrappy Coconut Dizzy Diary Round 2

Ok this time I’m just going to make the link say Scrappy Coconut instead of the longer version with the Dizzy Diary after it.

You might say this idea is pretty ingenious. Should I add more posts at the end to make the blog even longer?

I suppose that’s exactly what I am going to do.

Ya know, I’m writing these things and I wonder to myself, what would a computer make of this blog post? A person would quickly recognize that it’s gibberish, but a computer? I can’t imagine how many complicated algorithms it would have to run to eventually spit out a report that says “this makes no sense.” Teaching a computer to think is a really really hard thing to do.

I’m glad I’m not responsible for that task. Sounds like a giant pain in the butt.

Anyway, I hope these blogs make some money. Until next time, good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight!